This workshop and its participants seek to address contemporary challenges in surrogacy by focusing on Canadian law and policy while also recognizing and respecting women’s reproductive autonomy. The key objectives of this workshop include:

  • Exploring the contemporary concerns about the regulation of surrogacy in Canada while also expanding Canadian research capacity on surrogacy in the social sciences and humanities;
  • Establishing a national, transdisciplinary network of scholars working on surrogacy, and developing a forward-looking research agenda for the field that addresses persistent gaps in knowledge about surrogacy in Canada;
  • Producing transdisciplinary scholarship that will reach public audiences by hosting a public event in conjunction with the University of Ottawa’s Institute of Women and Gender Studies; and
  • Informing the ongoing policy debates related to the governance of surrogacy through the Assisted Human Reproduction Act by inviting law and policy makers to a “Best Brains” session that will allow these decision-makers to engage directly in dialogue with lead researchers in the field.